The Guide to Leaving Studying Working in Australia

Australia whose capital is Canberra is a continent, but it is also a Pacific island, the largest in the world, as vast as 14 times France,
– with an area of ​​7 682 300 km².
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Only 19 million people populate Australia

However, it has the lowest population density in the world, with only two people / km2.
With more than 85% of the population living less than 50 kilometers from the sea, the beach has become part of a relaxed lifestyle.

Perth is the capital of Western Australia, the largest of the Australian states, at the edge of the Indian Ocean.
There are 2 million inhabitants.
However, the cost of living in Perth is lower than that of other Australian cities.

Since the year 1945, more than six million people from all over the world have come to live in Australia.
Today more than 20% of Australians are born abroad, and more than 40% are of mixed cultural origin

Do not forget to mention the legendary kangaroo that is unique to Australia and has 40 million kangaroos in Australia.

Study in Australia what a bargain!Study1

About 10% of Australian university students are foreigners
Australia is the preferred choice for international students from many countries, namely that Australia is ranked the third most popular destination.

- English language study for these students Australia offers a vast variety of study programs in all disciplines and at all levels. Every year, hundreds of international students come to Australia for international exchanges, studies, and internships. They enjoy high-quality education and the unique lifestyle of Western Australia. Studying in Australia is an opportunity to discover a considerable country, both distant and fascinating, for its beauty and culture. It is also an opportunity for you to improve your language level by immersing in a purely English-speaking environment. However, the Australian education system is close to the British system and is famous around the world. Studying abroad provides an incredible opportunity to experience and appreciate another culture. Your point of view grows through the exchange of ideas and information, and explore the framework of your degree in another part of the world – which remains an important step to become a citizen of the world. New friendships abroad last a lifetime, opening the door to a network of contacts across the globe. Hundreds of thousands of young people who studied in Australia and graduated from Australian educational institutions quickly became familiar – with Australia as well as its way of life. Many continue to maintain personal and professional ties with Australia long after graduating in the field of their choice. However, we advise you to be guided by this book if you are finally ready if you are sure to have made the right choice and available – to live the studies otherwise, abroad Australia offers you the arms!